This Shooting in the Middle of a Restaurant Was Caught All on Film -- You Won't Believe What Happens Next!

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Security footage at a Fort Myers waffle house shows a man getting shot! The man can be seen stumbling out of the restaurant. He allegedly tried to drive himself to the hospital, but crashed his car on the way there and died. The craziest part: the man who fired the gun didn’t even get charged by police! It took months for police to piece together all the pieces of the incident. The man who was shot, was threatening the shooter. The shooter warning the man to stay back, had to fire the gun in self defense. After the man got shot fled, the shooter phoned 911 to report the incident. The shooter had a permit to carry the gun and co-operated with the investigation. It’s a very chilling look at how quickly an incident can turn deadly. What did you think about this security camera footage?
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