13-year-old Commits Suicide After Father’s Public Shaming Video Posted Online!

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Izabel Laxamania was only 13 years old when she leapt to her death in an apparent suicide. The motivations behind her death have been speculated by many, but some believe that the chief motivating factor might have been a video posted to YouTube by Izabel’s father showing him shame Izabel. The video in question had Izabel’s father shave Izabel’s head, leaving only one long strand of hair. He cut Izabel’s hair because she had allegedly posted photos of herself in a sports bra on social media sites. After her hair was cut, Izabel was allegedly bullied at school. The bullying is what many believe led to Izabel’s tragic passing. Parents shaming their children by posting a video to YouTube of them cutting their child’s hair has become a trend in recent months, but many child psychologists believe that such videos only make a bad situation worse. What did you think of Izabel Laxamania’s story? Let us know in the comments below!
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